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Our L·OVE Reports cater users who require information not currently offered in our open platform, such as details about the methods, expert-checking of the whole process, or articles not available (e.g. primary studies included in reviews, additional search for studies). Our Reports are meant to help you make better-informed health decisions.

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Customize your Report

Your Report will include a comprehensive list of all of the systematic reviews answering your question, validated and double-checked by our experts. Don’t worry if you are not sure about the best approach to your question. We will liaise with you so we can deliver a report that suits your needs.

Choose one of our three Types of Reports, according to the features and information you need:

Inventory of reviews

  • From
  • USD 270
  • Per report

The favorite of health professionals who want to stay on top of their discipline

All systematic reviews validated by experts.

Detailed search methods and strategies

Clear report of the process (PRISMA flowchart)

Comparative report of reviews

  • From
  • USD 971
  • Per report

A great option to make rapid decisions

All the features from the Inventory of Reviews report

Primary studies included in the systematic reviews.

Matrix of Evidence: A table displaying all the systematic reviews answering a question, and all of the studies included in these reviews.

Rapid scoping review

  • From
  • USD 1676
  • Per report

The report you need for big and timely decisions, such as those made by guideline developers

Everything on the Comparative Report of Reviews

Additional search for randomized trials not included in existing systematic reviews, from Pubmed, clinicaltrials.gov and more

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